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Past, present and future of medicine and scientific research, in an unmissable traveling exhibit, an interactive multimedia exhibition which explores, through Medicalvideo audiovisual and photographic archive – the richest Italian audiovisual archive on medicine – the big strides medical research took in the last 40 years and its future outlook.
Exclusive guests of the event will be the luminaries who revolutionized the surgery techniques and the way these techniques were taught and divulged.

conferences focused on specific topics

During the exhibition meetings will be held according to themes and the docufilm protagonists will show what strides medicine has taken, what stage we are going through and how research will develop thanks to robotics, telemedicine and new technologies. The traveling exhibit will start from Lugano, Palazzo dei Congressi, to arrive in Milan, Palazzo Marino, by April 2020. Other date will be scheduled in Italy, Europe and throughout the world.
The exhibition will be fully accredited for European CME credits.
A portion of the profits will be donated tso medical and scientific research.
Part of the proceeds will be allocated to medical research.

History of Medicalvideo

Medicalvideo started its business in Milan in 1982. Its founder Gigi Colomo began working in film making as an apprentice with famous film maker and advertiser Roberto Gavioli from Gamma Film. In order to meet the needs and requests of his doctor friends, who were looking for a new efficient way to explain the latest innovations in medical and surgical field, Gigi began to study how to film audiovisuals in operating theaters for tutorial purposes. And certainly then, like today, multimedia were extremely effective tools for an immediate data fruition.

History of a full Italian success

The Medicalvideo thus started producing innovative audiovisuals in the medical research field. Thanks to his enthusiasm and know-how, Gigi Colomo established a close partnership with the most important and prestigious University Institutes and their luminaries. He had daily relationships with Hospitals and Training Centers. The most important Pharmaceutical Companies supported him in this endeavour.
His audiovisual production immediately had the entire national and international medical world approval.

Advertising Techniques applied to Medecine

Medicalvideo, unique and first, was able to make the most of communication techniques used in television and advertising by applying them to audiovisual media, for products concerning diagnostics, therapy, teaching, training, medical updating, doctor-patient relationship, the pharmacy industry. It also always paid close attention to prevention and research.
Since the beginning, Medicalvideo applied its expertise and the most innovative technologies that until then were known in TV advertising: special thanks to Walt Disney, who was a pioneer in the application of macro photography.
During its 20-year pionereering story, Medicalvideo managed to realize 400 audiovisual media, now completely edited, taken from 2000 videocassettes of shooting, and a photographic archive with over 12 million images.



Professor Damaso Caprioglio

Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Traumatology, Professor of Orthodontics and Gnathology and Director of Specialization Courses in Interceptive Orthodontics and Pre and Post Surgical Orthodontics at the University of Parma.

Professor Angelo Formenti

Otorhinolaryngology, Videoendoscopy, Creator and founder of the Video Endoscopy Center of the upper aero digestive tracts Fatebenefratelli Hospital, author of over one hundred scientific publications and films, member of the "Board of Directors" of the Sir Charles Bell Society.

Professor Gianantonio Manzoni

Urology, Pediatric Urology, Director of Pediatric Urology at the IRCCS Foundation Cà Granda of the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico of Milan, University Medical Center Johannes Gutenberg University - Mainz Department of Urology, University of Medicine & Pharmacy "Carol Davila" - Bucharest Department of Pediatric Surgery Spitalul Maria Curie.

Professor Mauro Porta

Neurology, Neurosurgery, Head of the Extrapyramidal Diseases Center and Tourette Syndrome at the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan, consultant at the Policlinico San Marco in Zingonia (BG), Professor of the Master in Extrapyramidal Diseases at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.

Dottoressa Armanda Salvadori

Psychology, Psychotherapy, associate researcher at the Strategic Therapy Center directed by Professor Giorgio Nardone, enrolled in the Psychology and Psychotherapist of the Lazio Region, expert in "Psychosociology of Business Organizations".

Professor Domenico Servello

Neurology, Neurosurgery, Head of the Neurosurgery Division of the IRCCS Galeazzi Institute in Milan, an expert on cranial pathologies, is also involved in brain and spinal neoplasms and deep brain stimulation for movement and behavior disorders.

Professor Michele Spinelli

Neurourology, Director of the Unipolar Spinal Unit of Niguarda Milan Hospital, Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, Schwelm Hospital (Germany), the National Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery of London, the Women Health Institute of Baltimore, the Physiologic Laboratory Research of Minneapolis and the St Mark Hospital in London. Opening testimonial of the exhibition Roberto Bolle


  1. Anesthesiology
  2. Cardiac Surgery
  3. Cardiology
  4. General surgery
  5. Gynecology
  6. Alternative medicine
  7. Microsurgery
  8. Neurology/Epilepsy
  9. Ophthalmology/Ocular surgery
  10. Dentistry/Osseointegration/Orthodontics
  11. Dental Technology
  12. Otorhinolaryngology/
  13. Ophthalmic
  14. Pneumology
  15. Radiology/Radioimmunoguided surgery/Respiratory neuroradiology
  16. Rheumatology
  17. Neuromotor Rehabilitation/Neuromotor Re-education
  18. Stomatology
  19. Urology/Neurourology

Exhibition set-up

In addition, a room will be set up with individual workstations for viewing the material and and one showcasing videocameras and cameras with optics, tripods, etc. re-adapted and optimized for the medical and scientific research purposes.

dates and locations

The whole Medicalvideo historical archive, a world medicine heritage, will be available and compared with new surgery techniques, in this traveling exhibition that will be launched in Lugano, Palazzo dei Congressi, in April 2020.
Second location will take place in Palazzo Marino, Milan, and then in Bologna, Rome, Venice and Naples, first edition last appointment, on a cruise ship that will virtually lead the exhibition to the second edition.
Each stage will last one month.
Each edition will last one year.
Further exhibitions are scheduled in Europe, China, and worldwide.

a range of opportunities for brands

  • The Brand, its values and its products will be the protagonists of each exhibition and will take part in all forms of communication as a partner.
  • Brands are the main partners of complementary ventures in Italy and abroad.
  • During the exhibitions the brand spokespeople interviews will be broadcasted. Each brand will have its stand where to showcase products, news, brochures etc.
  • We will focus on the innovative products, the result of many years of scientific research.
  • Through the script placement (products are showed in the exhibition) and the screen placement (the products are clearly displayed), the Brands will have full visibility on Italian and international markets.

winning proposals for partnership

A – Communication aims for increasing the exhibition wide international appeal and the supporting brand reputation.
B – The sponsor name will be inserted into the exhibition name.
C – A documentary film about the exhibition and the HISTORY OF MEDICINE AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH will be produced.
D – Interviews with the real protagonists of the exhibition i.e. luminaries and professors that are already part of the past present and future history of medicine.
E – The exhibition grand opening will be broadcasted with news, updates, reports in a number of soft news formats, on major national (Mediaset, Rai, Sky, La7), and international (News Corporation, Fox, Tf1, Rtl Group, Zdf, Bbc, Nbc Universal, Globo, etc) television networks with whom we have been collaborating for over 30 years.
F – Through the whole exhibition tour, promotional material, adverts, informations, pictures, posts etc will be available on the web and on all social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google etc.
G – Brands will be provided with the copy of all media aired on television and on the web, to be used on social media, web, events, etc.
H – Brands will be provided with a dedicated promo video in three different cuts – 30, 60 and 90 seconds – focusing on their participation in the exhibition to be used on social media, web, events, etc.
I – Brands will be provided with the exhibition launch trailer that will be broadcast all over the world, to be used on social media, web, events, etc.


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